Our Founder

At age 30, my body started to change. I’d always been tall and slim, typically around 80-83kg throughout my 20s for my height of 1.92m. However, I became “skinny fat” – that is, I had no real muscle or strength and I was gaining weight on my hips, waist, back and face. After several years of attempting any quick fix I could find – fad diets, low fat foods and desperately avoiding the gym, I hit 105kg on the scales in April 2018. I was 34 and this was my heaviest weight to date. I found a Personal Trainer who is also a qualified nutritionist who saved me. He took my first photos and I was more out of shape than I imagined. I felt so deflated and ashamed of what I had allowed myself to become. But this pain made me realise that I was missing two things – education and motivation. I went onto a high protein, 2,100 calorie per day diet and train 4 times a week with my PT. Within three months, I lost 10kg. My energy levels and focus vastly improved as my body cleansed of junk food and energised with testosterone. Working out became a habit and I’ve continually trained ever since.

Our Mission

Over the years, I watched how my Personal Trainer managed his time and his clients. He was constantly switching between apps to manage and track workouts, client progress, payments and sessions. I realised that an app was needed to bring together these activities, thus freeing up time and automating routine tasks. PT Organizer is designed for Personal Trainers to get the most out of their business, time and clients. Our app takes and applies the PTs knowledge and translates it into visible results – backed up with real data. It is designed to vastly simplify and automate managing a client database and associated activities, while collecting data that is insightful and motivating for clients to stay focused on their goals. After all, I understand the feeling of watching Personal Achievements increase and body fat fall on a chart..! I’m now a very lean and athletic 83kg, having lost 22kg since I first took action. I sincerely hope that you are better equipped to help your clients achieve their fitness goals.