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The ultimate app for Personal Trainers - manage and track your clients in one app!

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Why Choose PT Organizer

  • Real Time Workouts
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Management
  • Electronic Payments
  • Client Progress And Goals
  • Accounting And Analytics

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What PT Organizer offers

Calendar Management

The drag and drop calendar brings together client sessions and payments in one place - no need to keep separate lists and apps.

Client Management

Manage all client data, payment history, progress photos, goals and measurements in one place.

Real Time Workouts

Carry out workouts using the extensive exercise library in real time with your clients. Track their progress over time using a range of data.

Electronic Payments

Request and receive payments electronically and do away with cash transactions. You’ll always know how many sessions a client has available.

Client Progress and Goals

Set goals and record progress for a wide variety of body parts and other metrics, to motivate your clients to stay on track.

Accounting and Analytics

Understand the performance of your business and clients by using built-in charts and tools.